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The Guijo: Epilogue

Today is the day. Tomorrow will be the day. The day of aphony. Tomorrow crying. The day of homesickness. Tomorrow campsickness. The day of friends. Tomorrow the families. The day of English. Tomorrow Spanish.  


The Guijo: Season 2, Episode 3. The last chapter

  Today we had a marvelous day. The awaken has been grey, then the sun started shining again. The kids had more energy after a good rest. They made a great eco-dioram. They danced during all the day. Tomorrow we will have more incredible activities and adventures.  


The Guijo: Season 2 Episode 2. Raining day.

We had a long, long night, full of rural legends, people awake, jokes and fun. We woke up at 8:30, after a huge breakfast: toasts, milk, cocoa… we started an eco-gymkhana. More adventure activities. We were lucky, we had rain during midday.  But we can do all the activities planned for today. It has been

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The Guijo: Season 2 Episode 1, The meeting

The Adventure is starting! First, we met our monitors, then we had some interesting activities: the Circus, Climbing, Archery, Kayaking, Pedal Boat, Sailing… We are having a lot of fun, and everything is in English! We had a hearty lunch and a very great snack (sandwiches & fruit). Now is shower time. We are waiting

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